LG Optimus 3D Ultimate Flash Guide

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  1. Recep Baltaş

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    14 Ağustos 2010
    The first thing is, I have prepared a pack that includes:

    • LG Flash Tool 1.2 + Crack
    • TI OMAP 4430 OMAP x86 & x64 Drivers
    • Latest LG Driver: LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN37AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3.7.2
    • omap4boot-for_optimus-v1.21.7z
    • P920 DLL File

    Download: LG Flash Pack

    Installing the drivers:

    Install the LG United Mobile Driver from the pack
    Install Flashtool 1.2 and apply crack.

    V21E BIN ROM:

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    V21E Recovery BIN ROM:

    (BOOTV21E has all necessary partitions to FULLY REPAIR your P920 with V21E ROM files including CWM TOUCH RECOVERY)

    Install TI OMAP 4430 driver:

    Remove the SD card and SIM from your phone
    Remove the battery from your phone
    Open the device manager and plug the phone to your PC
    In the device manager, you will see TI OMAP 44330 appearing and disappearing
    Double click on it when it appears and click update driver
    The select Scan my computer for drivers
    Then click on "Let me slect from the device driver list"
    Ckick next, and now click on "Have disk"
    Show the driver from the Flash Pack you just have downloaded
    Install the unsigned driver and you are good to go

    Run start_fastboot from the omap4boot-for_optimus-v1.11 folder and choose option 2, enter


    Remove the battery from the phone and start pressing the Vol+ button.

    Now connect the phone to PC, Omap4boot will flash some files and will wait for 5 seconds for you to plug the battery back:


    Immediately plug the battery back (better have the phone turned upside down and the battery in the back but not loaded into slot so that you can load it into the slot qucikly)

    Phone will boot into GREEN SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD mode:


    Go to device manager, you will see LGE Mobile USB Serial Port:


    Double click on that and got to the COM Port Settings > Advanced


    Chnage the port to 41 and click OK:


    Using the LGFlashTool:

    Start the tool and select the DLL file from the extracted Flash Pack. For the S/W part, select BOOTV21E_AP.bin which you have downloaded:


    Click OK, you will be on the main program page as below. Click on the settings button:


    Now select port 1 and click OK:


    Now click on the start button and. Flash Tool will be ready for flashing when the the port is available:


    While the battery is plugged in, press vol+ and connect the USB cable. When you stop pressing the vol+ button, LG flashtool will begin flashing.

    Perform a factory reset if you get internal memory 0.00B error.
  2. zeki40

    zeki40 Centipat

    26 Nisan 2013
    Abi ben OMAP4430 kurmadan Flashladım. O da yüzde 27'de hata verdi kapandı. Şimdi telefon açılmıyor. Ne yapacağım ?
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  3. alesmine

    alesmine Centipat

    2 Mayıs 2013
    Same here.
    Process stopped at 22% with "omap factory download fail".
    Followed the procedure again, but now it stopped at 26%, same error.

    Reboot the pc, followed the procedure again.
    This time it goes up to 100% but at the end it gives: Error WM_PROGRESS_MSG.

    But it works! I have now unbricked my P920!!!
    Will test if all is ok, but I am happy.

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