VLC media player 1.1.6

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  1. Recep Baltaş

    Recep Baltaş Technopat Yönetici

    14 Ağustos 2010
    Changes in VLC media player 1.1.6:

    Audio output:
    * Multiple fixes and improvements on PulseAudio output PACKAGERS are VERY STRONGLY advised to update libpulse to 0.9.22. Update is required to use PulseAudio with the Phonon-VLC backend (KDE) and with the Mozilla VLC web browser plugin.
    * Fix the Audio CD crash when looking for CDDB metadata on Windows
    * Support for MPC SV7 and SV8 on Windows and Mac OS X (Unix was already working)
    * Enabled FluidSynth MIDI playback plugin on Mac OS X
    * Faster VP8/Webm decoding with recent codecs libraries
    * Fix Buffer overflow in Real demuxer CVE-2010-3907 / VideoLAN-SA-1007
    * Fix some asf/wmv seeking issues, notably when seek didn't go to a keyframe
    * Support for 24-bits PCM over RTP (audio/L24)
    Subtitles and renderer:
    * Do not auto-detect .txt files for subtitles
    * Mark more freetype options as safe
    * Mac OS X: fixed fontconfig cache creation
    * Fix heap corruption in subtitle decoders, potentially exploitable, discovered by Harry Sintonen - sintonen at iki.fi
    * Fix projectM visualization for Linux in all locales
    * Fix projectM visualization support for Windows
    * Various projectM improvements: the module should be working now
    * Fix goom crash on Windows XP and Mac OS X
    * Qt4: fixes for media keys processing and MCE remotes
    * Qt4: various fixes and portability improvements
    * KDE: work-around open dialog first slow opening because of KMimeTypeRepository
    Miscellaneous fixes:
    * KDE device solid actions
    * XDG screensaver
    * Transcode integer overflow
    * HTTP Icy metadata reading
    * Windows: revert to 1.1.4 performance timers
    * Update translations for Chinese, Nippon, Slovak, Estonian, Spanish, Galician, Swedish, Bulgarian, French, Bengalese, German, Slovak, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Sinhala and Irish

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