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24 Ağustos 2016
İlah Katı
Şu şekilde bir bildirim aldım;

Normalde benim için pek sorun olmazdı, ancak ben bu blog girdisinde sadece şarkıyı paylaşmamıştım, şarkının sözlerine çeviri yapmıştım. Bu şarkının sözlerini çevirirken cidden yorulmuştum ve tekrar çevirebilecek iradeye sahip değilim. Aşağıda da görebileceğiniz üzere çevirmesi pek basit bir şarkı değildi.
As all these egoistic feeble aspirations begin to fall & collapse
From the weight of all these selfish afflictions
You have so callously fostered in your heart
This pain began to clamber up our souls
Ushering in an abyssal tempest of a dream
Which we can never atone
Clinging to this small dismal prayer we all at
Once began to meekly gaze up
These pairs of eyes each one all vacant but fear
We all once held you so highly in our hearts
Presuming erroneously your torch
Was our refuge from the night
As the blood soaked sun ascends upon the horizon, our fate is sealed
Clouds swirling in
Halos of darkness shed light upon his false truths
A king unwhole born incomplete within an abyssal night
Blanketed within a visage of light
Apostate beckon this fall branding the abandoned for a genocidal feast
In your heart utters I sacrifice
These dismal flames burn on ever so perniciously
So harsh these shadows fall
Ash hangs, burn red asphyxiating
Cast aside abandon the wings of a past life
Pluck the feathers
Spread this poison posed as puffery
Each death frees his soul
Submerged within somber pain of revenge tempering these wounds with blood called repentance
A crystallization of the final tear I’ll shed for you
From that moment we touched I knew we would never be the same again
A hawks false kingdom erected from the mountain of corpses of his disheveled broken dreams
Extinguishing this flame that still smolders in my heart vowing to relinquish this humanity
For each image, for every memory
Becomes painful, shattered, and sardonic
Consumed within by this turbulence of power
Eternally bent towards this shallow retribution
This thing ferocious and eternally seething
Ingesting this heart, eclipsing the soul
Its enmity swells within the depths of darkness
In the face of the expanse of endless night
Heaving, thrusting coursing this blade in
Contending, writhing, squirming, struggling
As death stands perched it’s shadow slowly coils about Enshrouding me
I have sacrificed everything for what seems far too faint and distant
I subsist within this current of causality breaching light reflected on this worlds surface
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