StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition Firmware Version 3.1.14

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12 Haziran 2011
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General Description: This firmware update provides performance improvements for your StorCenter ix2-200, Cloud Edition. Iomega recommends this update for all units.

What's New:
Version - Release date 9/15/2011

Iomega StorCenter version 3.1.14 contains the following new features:
  • Active Directory Domain Trust
When you enable Active Directory trusted domains on your Iomega StorCenter
device, you can import users and groups from other trusted domains to your
device. This allows you to manage the various users and groups of your disparate
domains from one device. Users and groups from other domains have access to
features on your device, including accessing folders and documents in Shares, and
joining any Personal Cloud of which the device is a member.
  • Application Manager
Use the Application Manager to install your own custom applications or other
third-party applications to increase the feature ability of your Iomega StorCenter
device. Custom applications must be created with the Iomega StorCenter Software
Development Kit (SDK). The Application Manager lets you install, start, and stop
  • All-New User Interface
The user interface for the Iomega StorCenter device has been completely
redesigned for version 3.x. You’ll find everything to be easily accessible and more
user-friendly than ever before. You can see your device status at a glance,
configure every feature for your personal preferences; all through a simple, logical,
and intuitive user interface. You can even design your home page using your own
  • TFTP
Iomega StorCenter devices now support TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol),
which is a stripped-down form of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). TFTP requires
limited system resources and is useful for transferring small amounts of data
between computers over a network. TFTP only reads and writes files (or mail)
from/to a remote server to an Iomega StorCenter device. The maximum TFTP file
size is 32 MB.
  • Changing user access through NFS
New options are available through the NFS feature to determine how users access
an Iomega StorCenter device:

◆ Treat client users as guest allows all users, including root, to map as guest.
◆ Allow full access for client users other than root allows all users to map as
themselves but root maps as guest.
◆ Allow all client users full access allows all users to map as themselves,
including root.
  • Home Page and Home Page Settings
The Home Page is a landing page for your Iomega StorCenter device that you can
optionally display each time a user accesses the device. The Home Page can
display a slideshow of pictures and provide access to public Shares on your device.
It's a useful feature for providing access to all public data on your device without
requiring a user to log in to the device.
The new Home Page Options feature, located on the All Features page, allows you
to configure and personalize your Iomega StorCenter device.
  • Amazon S3
Connect to the Amazon S3 secure online storage service directly from your Iomega
StorCenter device. Amazon S3 is a secure online storage service which allows you
to back up and restore your Iomega StorCenter device to the cloud. Files can be
deleted from your Iomega StorCenter Amazon S3 share without being deleted
from the Amazon S3 cloud service. You can also restore deleted files to your
Iomega StorCenter device from the Amazon S3 cloud service.
  • Mozy Backup
Connect to the Mozy online backup service directly from your Iomega StorCenter
device. The Mozy online backup service allows you to create a Mozy account,
connect your Iomega StorCenter device to the account, back up Shares and folders
to the Mozy cloud service, and restore files as needed from the Mozy cloud.
  • Support Link
The new Iomega StorCenter device user interface is easier than ever. However,
should you have questions, help is just a click away. The new Support link, located
on the All Features page, is an easy way to find answers, solutions, support, and
updates for your Iomega StorCenter device.
  • User Quotas
Storage space is a precious resource. Quotas let you set a maximum capacity for
users on your Iomega StorCenter device to prevent any of them from consuming
too much space. This is very useful in the office for allocating just the right amount
of space for employees, or at home to limit the amount of space your children use
for their music and game files. To enable quotas, be sure to enable security on your
device, then navigate to the Settings tab, and click Quotas.
  • Changing File Level Security
A new folder option allows Iomega StorCenter device users to change access
permissions separately from the device. When the option is enabled, users on an
Iomega StorCenter device can set file and folder permissions through other
programs, such as Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.
  • AFP support with Active Directory
In previous releases, Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) was automatically disabled
when Active Directory was enabled on an Iomega StorCenter device. Now, AFP is
supported with Active Directory.
  • Windows Server 2008 Release 2 Active Directory Domain Support
In previous releases, Iomega StorCenter devices could join a Windows Server 2008
Release 2 Active Directory (AD) domain, but members of the AD domain could
not access secured folders. This restriction has been lifted.
  • Personal Cloud
Iomega Personal Cloud is a new technology that creates your own Internet
connected “cloud” network of StorCenter storage devices and personal computers.
This allows you to connect, share, copy, and protect your files within your
network. The files shared in your Personal Cloud are completely owned and
managed by you, so the content and accessibility is always under your control.
Personal Cloud is included with purchase of the latest Iomega StorCenter
products. There are no usage or subscription fees.

You can set up a Personal Cloud connection on your Iomega StorCenter device and
then invite members to join that cloud.

After joining, members can access data, perform Copy Job operations, use your
Iomega StorCenter device as a QuikProtect remote target, stream media from your
Iomega StorCenter device over the Internet, and use remote desktop to access
computers on the local network for your Iomega StorCenter device. Whether you
create your own Personal Cloud from your Iomega StorCenter device, or use a
subscription service, the cloud is accessible from anywhere you have an Internet

Note: Iomega’s Personal Cloud is designed for simple networks with UPnP routers. While it
may work in larger, more complex environments with multiple routers and firewalls, full
functionality requires extensive configuration, including manually forwarding ports. You
must be able to expose specific ports directly to the internet to implement the Personal
Cloud. Personal Cloud is supported in Active Directory environments. Depending on your
particular domain requirements, it may be possible to install the Cloud directly to the
domain controller, but Iomega does not support this configuration.

  • Active Folders
Active Folders offer automatic actions and sharing to help manage your content.
Enabling Active Folders allows you to associate a Share with an action that occurs
automatically when files are copied to the share.
For example, a Share may be set as a Facebook Active Folder. Once configured as
an Active Folder, pictures added to the Share automatically upload to your
Facebook account.

Active Folders can be configured for:

◆ Facebook, which automatically uploads photos or videos to your Facebook
account when new content is added to the Share.
◆ Flickr, which automatically uploads photos to your Flickr account when new
content is added to the Share.
◆ Photo Resizing, which automatically resizes your photos when content is
added to the Share.
◆ Email Distribution, which automatically emails files, links to files, or both, to a
predefined group when content is added to the Share.
◆ YouTube, which automatically uploads movies and video files to YouTube
when content is added to the Share.
◆ Torrent Download, which automatically downloads files to the Shares when
content is added to the Share.

You can enable Active Folders on any Share. You can set only one Active Folder
option per Share.
  • Support for Mac operating system version 10.7 (Lion)
The Iomega StorCenter now supports Mac operating system version 10.7, also
known as Lion.
  • Support for Facebook Video Files
You can now upload and save video files to your Iomega StorCenter Facebook
  • Support for TimeMachine
The Iomega StorCenter now supports the Mac TimeMachine backup and restore
  • Remote Video/Live View
The Iomega StorCenter now supports remote access of live video. Remote

The following issues have been resolved in version 3.1.14:

  • 15538 Email distribution limitation.
  • 1499 A maximum of 3,000 files can be displayed in the Iomega StorCenter Manager Interface.
  • 7152 QuikTransfers can be overwritten when changing removable media on the same drive.
  • 7983 Multiple Copy Jobs running simultaneously can cause device to stop responding.
  • 16729 404 error on Copy Jobs or QuikTransfers with USB stick device.
  • 432 Pictures are not deleted from some cameras after transfer.
  • 11332 Device does not scan media folders after adding media files.
  • 18484 On px6, removing all drives via hot swap requires reboot.
  • 11832 Iomega StorCenter can take a long time to load after main LED is solid blue.
  • 16087 iSCSI page not reporting correct free space.
  • 14160 Personal Cloud does not support double-byte characters.
  • 13301 Personal Cloud copy status incorrectly reports slower speed than actual speed.
  • 1627 Safari issue with reporting language region.
  • 15662 Fedora versions 10 and 14 can not find device on the network.
  • 15314 Secure copy to Rsync server results in incorrect email notification.
  • 11956 Computers running 32-bit Linux 2.6.32 can have problems accessing an Iomega
  • StorCenter.
  • 17075 When an error occurs during the transfer of QT job, backup LED should flash in pattern.
  • 15104 After disabling "Add shortcuts" on Linux, shortcuts are still created on desktop.
  • 12818 MS initiator cannot find old iSCSI luns by iSNS server after upgrade.
  • 17676 PersonalCloudModify API now supports exposing ports 80 and 443.
  • 17875 Mozy Backup becomes disabled if ESC is pressed on confirmation pop up.
  • 18379 iSCSI with modified access restrictions can still be found via iSNS server.
  • 18505 No warning message when add/modify a VLAN tag to notify users.
  • 18531 Wrong error appears during copy job when the FROM folder doesn't exist.
  • 18532 Copy Jobs: Error log not created and “Failed to load resource error” appears in console
  • when copy job failed.
  • 18606 Iomega StorCenter device should not allow an upgrade with a different platform build.
  • 18623 Sometimes device won't be restarted after changing device name in Active Directory mode.
  • 18632 Using two of the same brand of USB drive may cause QT failure.
  • 18701 iSCSI: Cannot connect iSCSI (found via iSNS) after recreating pool.
  • 18703 Could not list all volumes when numbers of volumes exceeds 60.
  • 18724 Copy Jobs: Files are copied to root fs when USB flash drive is source.
  • 18746 In Internet Explorer 7, apply button cannot be activated by changing jumbo frame value of a vNIC.
  • 19095 Cannot create a new pool after a total drive swap.
  • 19096 Unit powers off when authorizing drive overwrite.
  • 19347 Can't add new drives to a 2-drive RAID1 pool.
  • 16470 IP address not refreshing after modification.
  • 19456 Copy Job username should be re-entered after upgrade.
  • 15526 Unable to view ico pictures in Internet Explorer 8.
  • 18650 Deleting pool to which files are being copied can result in invalid error.
  • 19085 Pools info on destination device may display incorrectly.
  • 19472 Storage Pool behavior inconsistent after factory reset.
  • 19492 Quota value for Administrator can not be properly set.
  • 19493 After restarting device, redundant partitions appear.
  • 18624 Share names longer than 12 characters may overlap in the System Status page.
  • 19476 Secure Delete in Active Directory mode may require reset.
  • 19399 Time Machine not functional in Mac Lion OS.
  • 7726 iTunes version 8 for Windows not compatible with media server.
  • 4202 Cannot view live video when accessing device remotely.
  • 19706 May not be able to transfer files via TFTP after upgrade.
  • 18301 When creating a Share, ‘working’ indicator does not disappear automatically.
  • 19500 Files copied to the device using WebDAV may not be accessible to all users.
  • 19829 King to Mirage upgrade on ix4-200d failed iSCSI in ESX.
  • 19488 Cannot add new drive to ix12 after upgrading to Mirage.
  • 18370 “View Live Camera” link in VS broken over Personal Cloud.
  • 19733 Wrong source/destination path in Copy Jobs when pool name contains blank spaces when
  • upgraded from PWIII to Mirage.
  • 19766 Total drive size and capacity increases when opening or canceling the DM settings.
  • 19763 CPU utilization of afpd is always 100%.
  • 19427 New Volume created during share creation succeeds with invalid volume size.
  • 19339 HDD not reused when non-catastrophic event happens.
  • 19833 Size may display incorrectly in Change volume allocation paged new.
  • 19742 Unable to reflect the volume “vol1” name in the Volume page.
Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the ix2-200- file to your computer.

    Internet Explorer Users: When the file is downloaded with Internet Explorer, the file which shows as a .TGZ file, maybe be downloaded as a .GZ file. This is a product of file MIME types built into Internet Explorer. This file is still recognized by the device as an update file.

    Mac Users: Mac OS X will automatically try to decompress this file once it is downloaded. In most cases decompression will fail. This is normal. You will be using the compressed .tgz file for the installation. Do NOT try to decompress this file.
  2. Log in to the StorCenter device and navigate to the management console.
  3. Click on the System icon in the left column, and click on Software Updates.
  4. In the Add Software popup box, click Browse... and select the ix2-200- file.
  5. Click on Upload and allow the file to upload to your device.
  6. When the update is uploaded to the Iomega NAS device, the Status column will say Ready to apply.
  7. Click Apply all pending updates to apply the update or updates. The software updates will be applied to your device. If you want to remove the update without applying changes, click the trash can icon the Action column.

    CAUTION! Do not shut down or restart the device during the update process as this can damage the device. The software update will temporarily make the device inaccessible. The device will restart once the software is installed. If multiple updates are ready, all of them will be applied, requiring only one reboot. Be sure no critical files are being accessed.
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