[Working] Age of Empires II on Windows 8 Pro

Özlem Baltaş

14 Ocak 2011
Installed Age of Empires II on Windows 8 Pro x64. Setting the compatibility mode to Windows 7 works fine. Otherwise, it will pop up a Direct Draw error.

To play the game in Widscreen mode, use the patch here:

BoekaBart.net - <?=$pageName?> (This patch also fixes the green grass problem)

It requires .Net FrameWork 3.5.1 which needs to be installed via Windows Update, no manual download available.

You also need to run the created BAT file with the Admin rights, event if the UAC is disabled. Otherwise, game will be very laggy since the explorer is not suspended.

Step by step:

Download Age of Empires II Collector's Edition.

  1. Install Age of Empires II and Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion.
  2. Replace the Exe with the BsK-AoE2 fixed one. More info below.
  3. Download the Widescreen Patch and run it (will install .Net Framework 3.5.1)
  4. Run the created BAT file with Admin rights.

Fixed EXE:

01-01-2002 - The All New 100% age2_x1.exe!!

Updated age2_x1.exe 

o 100% www.zone.com compatible 
o Provides all players with CD status 
o Works with AOK:TC version 1.0c 
o Install in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\age2_x1\ 
o Use at your own risk, no support available 

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